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Furnishing Your Child's Room When Space Is an Issue

by Michelle West

If you have just moved and your child's room is smaller than the room they had in your old home, look into furniture options to maximize the space. There are several ways to make a small space look larger with furniture choice and placement. Decor and color choice make an impact as well. Here are some suggestions for you to use in your child's room to make it appear and feel larger.

Multi-Functional Pieces

Rather than use a bunch of small pieces of furniture, opt for larger pieces that double their duties. Place a bed with a headboard that has shelving units to store toys and books instead of using a separate bookshelf or toy box. Use a flip-top ottoman to store out-of-season clothing while giving your child a seating area for their room. A bench with storage underneath can double for storage and seating as well.

Sleeping Area

Place your child's bed against a wall to free up space in the middle of the room. Place throw-pillows against the length of the bed on the wall side, making it seem like a couch during the day when it is not in use. Another option is to buy a trundle-bed, so your child can store items underneath their sleeping area. Consider placing a Murphy bed, which folds up when your child wishes to play. A high-platform bed or loft bed can give your child area underneath for a storage.

If you have more than one child in the room, opt for bunk beds rather than separate beds. Some bunk bed combinations have drawers and a desk area incorporated into the set up, saving you a lot of space as a result.

Clothes Storage

If you have a closet in your child's room, utilize it by adding an extra rod to hang clothing. This will give your child double the space for storing clothes if there is no room for a dresser. Use storage cubbies with baskets to place smaller items such as shoes, socks, and underwear. Open bookcases for storage will leave your room feeling cluttered, so use baskets and bins on the shelves if you take this approach for storing clothing.

Decorating Tips

Pick window coverings that are taller than the height of the window. Place the curtain rod at least a foot above the top of the window. This will elongate the window, making the entire room look taller. Hanging mirrors on opposite walls from each other in the room to make it look longer. Paint three walls in the room a light shade and paint the remaining one a darker shade. This gives the appearance that the wall is receding, lengthening the feel of the room. Paint any baseboards the same color as the carpet to make the flooring seem wider. For assistance, talk to a professional like Baby Furniture Warehouse Store.