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Tricks To Arranging Your Furniture

by Michelle West

The hardest thing for some people is how to arrange their furniture for function and beauty. How you arrange your furniture depends on the size of the room, the mood of the room and how the room is going to be used.  See below for some helpful tips on how to arrange your living room furniture.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Don't keep moving your furniture around the room until you find the place you want it to go. Map out the layout of the room either on a computer program, or using a paper drawing. There are several computer apps out there that will help you arrange your furniture.

Go Larger First

Arrange your big pieces of furniture first. Worry about your couches, chairs and television stands first, as they are the more important pieces. Don't worry about the smaller things until you have your bigger pieces in place. Small pieces like tables and ottomans can go anywhere, or be placed in a different room if you don't have the room for them.

Try Diagonal

One way to arrange your furniture is to line your walls with your furniture to create a square around a central focal-point. You can mix things up a bit to give your room a little more dimension by arranging your furniture in a diagonal way, rather than in a straight line. You can turn your couch diagonal in a corner, or two chairs diagonal in a corner of the room. You don't have to place every big piece diagonal, just a few pieces to begin with. If you like the way it looks, do this with all of your large pieces of furniture.

Ditch Some Items

You don't have to have two couches, two chairs, end tables and a coffee table in your living room. You can downsize and get rid of a few items to help open up your room a bit. Ditch the coffee table and opt for an ottoman that can serve a dual purpose. Get rid of one of the couches and just have one couch and two chairs. Don't be afraid to get rid of excess furniture. Opening up the room will help make the room appear larger. 

Use the lighting to your advantage, so be sure not to place large pieces of furniture in front of the windows; blocking the light will make your room feel more cramped. Arranging your furniture doesn't have to be too difficult. Be sure to take your time when arranging your furniture and play with your layout. Contact Lasting Impressions Furniture Mattresses & More for more information.