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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sectional Sofa For Your Home

by Michelle West

Sectional sofas have never been more popular, and for good reason. These versatile pieces are available in a virtually endless array of sizes and configurations to fit every size room, budget and decor aesthetic. Since sectionals do come in such a wide variety of choices, choosing the perfect fit for your home can be a challenge. If you are in the market for a sectional sofa, read below for vital tips on choosing the best one.

Space Available

Small spaces cry out for a uniform and uncluttered look, and sectional sofas can fit the bill by taking the place of a sofa, love-seat and chairs. Just make sure that you don't choose an over-sized look with big padded arms and expansive seats. Sectionals can look deceptively "normal" sized on a large showroom floor, but a too-large piece can quickly overpower a smaller room.

Don't even consider going to the furniture store without measurements of the room where the sectional will live. Not only should you measure the floor, but get some graph paper and make a room layout to see how the new sectional will fit in with your present tables and other furniture. If you like, check out some free and fun room planning tools online. Knowing what size sectional you need can help you to narrow down the multitude of choices available quickly.

Once you know the approximate size you need, check your traffic patterns. Traffic patterns allow ease of movement through your room. You want to be able to easily walk from door to door (or opening to opening) through your room with about 24" of clearance. For major traffic routes, such as from the front door to the kitchen, try to leave from 30" to 48".

Configuration Choices

Sectionals come in many configurations, but the 3 most common choices are:

  1. L shaped: This is the classic sectional shape which consists of a sofa and love-seat put together. Look for L-shapes with an additional wedge-shaped corner piece; the person who sits in the corner needs their own leg room. New and trendy L-shapes add a chaise lounge instead of a love-seat.
  2. U-shaped: The U-shape sectionals are great for socializing and conversation if you have the room for these larger configurations. U-shapes usually consist of a sofa with a love-seat or chaise on each side, although some very large U-shapes takes the space of three sofas.
  3. Modular pieces can be purchased separately for a custom designed look and work great in rooms that may have fit issues.

Left-Facing and Right-Facing

The configuration and the terms that furniture stores and online stores may use to describe L-shaped sofas can be very confusing. The love-seat or chaise section can be attached to either the left or right side of the longest part, and most shoppers have either a left-facing or a right-facing love-seat in mind. To understand what you are looking for, stand facing the sofa; the love-seat on your right is the called "right-facing" and the piece on the left would be termed "left-facing". Don't be confused about the fact that the pieces are actually "facing" the opposite sides!

Armed with your measurements and room layouts, you should be ready to enjoy choosing that perfect sectional sofa. Consult with a local furniture store like Vandenberg Furniture and learn more about the wonderful array of choices to complement your decor and please your budget.