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Three Types Of Adjustable Mattresses And How To Adjust Them

by Michelle West

Adjustable mattresses are becoming very popular. However, most people are not aware of the fact that there is more than just one type of adjustable mattress. There are at least three types of adjustable mattresses, and they might surprise you. Here are the three types and how to adjust them.

Self-Inflating and Deflating Adjustable Mattresses

Not to be confused with air mattresses for camping, these unusual mattresses have been in use in hotel rooms for quite some time now. The controls are mainly dials on the side of the mattresses near the head end. You can dial them up or down, depending on how hard or soft you want your mattress to be. These mattresses operate on an inflation system. When you dial them up, they self-inflate deep within the layers of the mattress, producing a firmer or harder sleeping surface. If you dial the mattresses down, they deflate, producing a very soft sleeping surface, which can even dip and form a body-hugging sort of cocoon around you.

Hospital-Style Adjustable Mattresses

These are the beds that fold up or down on both the head and foot ends. People who snore can set the head of the bed for a more upright position to help stop their snoring. People who have a problem with edema or blood circulation in their legs and feet can elevate the foot of this type of bed so that their weakened veins and arteries can get enough blood supply in their lower extremities but still be able to get the blood back to the heart to reoxygenate it.

Precision Adjustments in Mattresses

If you want an adjustable mattress with precision control, then this type of adjustable mattress may be the right one for you. An electric control allows you to set one side of the bed for firm or hard, while another control allows you to set the other side of the bed for soft. With this type of adjustable mattress and its very specific controls, you can easily tweak your settings by one point up or down every night until you get the mattress set at the perfect firmness for you.

You will be able to tell if the mattress is not quite at the correct setting for you because you will feel groggy and/or sore when you wake in the morning. Turn the firmness up a few points each night until you get to the point where you wake up feeling refreshed and rested. If turning the meter up a few points actually makes you feel even worse, then turn it down a few points until the correct softness makes you feel well-rested.