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Showcase A Beautiful Vacation Rental With The Right Dining Room Furniture

by Michelle West

When on vacation, dining is the one activity that brings everyone together and provides a great opportunity for conversation. If you have a vacation property that you rent out to guests, you want to make it the best experience possible and without a lot of extra work on your behalf. A good way to do this is by improving the dining room in both appearance and function with some of the following ideas.

Get Metal Dining Chairs for Maximum Durability

Long-lasting furniture is something that practically everyone desires, but it can be hard to know what materials to use to ensure that everything stays in good condition for years to come. When choosing dining room chairs for the vacation rental, consider the benefits of metal. In a comparison of wood and metal chairs, metal does not rot and is more resistant to damage, making them an ideal fit since they will receive a lot of wear over the years.

Pick a Circular Table to Promote Conversation

When choosing a dining room table, you will need to choose a table that encourages conversation and helps everyone feel closer while eating. Instead of a long table that keeps everyone farther apart, consider using a circular table that will inspire conversation. With a circular table that keeps people closer together, you can expect your guests to bond during their stay and enjoy the trip even more.

Hire a Glass Company to Make a Glass Tabletop

One of the most durable materials for a dining room table surface is glass since it does not chip easily and will not stain if anything is spilled on it. You can also expect the glass table to be easily cleaned between guests, helping to keep the vacation rental spotless. When choosing a glass company, make sure to choose an ideal thickness—around ¼" thick and keep the edges rounded for added safety.

Invest in High-Quality and Comfortable Cushions

Another way to make the rental more enjoyable for guests is by adding cushions to the seats. This can be especially important if you decide to use metal dining chairs as they may not be very comfortable. When choosing cushions, make sure they are washer-friendly for quick cleaning in-between guests.

Taking the time to prepare a vacation rental is essential if you want guests to have a good experience and are concerned about how to keep the property clean. With the above tips, you can improve the appearance of the dining area in the rental and you will not need to replace furniture for years to come.