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What Type Of Furniture Is Good For A Guest Bedroom?

by Michelle West

If you have a spare room in your house, you might be thinking about turning it into a guest bedroom. That way, when family is in town, they have their own space for privacy and comfort. Here are some different furniture options for a guest bedroom.

Warm and Cozy Bed

In any guest bedroom, the bed itself is naturally the main piece of furniture. However, don't just go pick up the cheapest set of mattresses you can find. Delight and impress your guests with a plush set of mattresses that are more high-end. Cover them in soft, high thread count sheets, and provide a combination of pillow options. Choose soft, medium and firm pillows so no matter who is staying, they will wake up relaxed without neck pain. Also have a variety of different blanket options, from a down comforter to a lighter blanket for people who are warm when they sleep. If you don't have room for a lot of storage in the bedroom, consider a bed with storage drawers underneath.

Dresser and Side Tables

You should also make it more convenient for your guests by giving them somewhere to place personal items next to the bed, along with removing their clothes from suitcases. Nobody wants to leave clothing in suitcases, where it gets wrinkled and is difficult to find what you need. Get a dresser or chest of drawers to place in the bedroom. If you have limited space, this could be a dresser in front of the bed with a television on top, or a shorter chest of drawers underneath a window with space on top for them to place some of their personal effects. Choose one or two side tables for the side of the bed.


A desk is a great option when the bedroom has a little extra space. If the dresser is in front of the bed, you can put a small desk in the corner or underneath the window so they get sufficient light. If you have an extra computer, consider setting it up in the guest room and providing Wi-Fi so guests can use it at their leisure. You can also leave the desk empty if they bring their own laptop or want to use it as a writing desk. Provide a comfortable chair, lamp, and some writing paper and pens.

When looking for furniture for your guest room, consider using unique furniture design, from a location like Senetics, to add some interesting elements to the space.