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Transform A Storage Bench Into Storage For Hanging File Folders In Your Home Office

by Michelle West

Working from home allows you to have a lot of flexibility with your schedule. Unfortunately, working from home does not always allow you to escape from the mounds and paperwork and files that you would have to deal with in the corporate world. If you are looking for a way to store numerous files without having to have multiple file cabinets in your home, consider transforming a storage bench into a file cabinet using the guide that follows.

Measure the Interior of the Bench

Measure the length of the inside of the bench. You need to be sure that the measurements are as exact as they can be so that you can be sure that you buy enough track to fit the interior of the bench.

Purchase Hanging File Folder Tracks

Once you know how long the interior of the bench is, you need to determine how much track you need to purchase. Some of the tracks are only a foot long, while others are a little bit longer. The tracks are sold with two pieces of track in each pack so be sure to take that into account when deciding how many packages to purchase. You need to purchase tracks for both sides of the bench.

Measure and Mark the Bench

Next, you need to measure an inch and a half down from the top edge of the bench and make a mark with a pencil on the inner wall of the bench. Repeat the process every few inches down the length of the bench. This will serve as a guide to let you be sure that the tracks will be level when you attach them.

Attach the Tracks

Use a drill to attach the tracks to the bench. Screws provide maximum support to the tracks. You will be putting a lot of weight onto the tracks once you put the file folders on it. Nails will pull loose from the wood with the weight, but screws will stay in place firmly. Be sure to constantly check to make sure that you are keeping the tracks on the guide that you created when attaching them so that they will be level when you are done.

Once you have finished attaching the tracks to the interior of the bench, you can use hanging file folders to organize all of your files and paperwork. When you do not need to access the files, you can close the lid and use the bench as a seat, as well.

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