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Have A Big Open And Blank Room In Your House? Add Some Character With These Changes

by Michelle West

Do you have a big family or great room that doesn't have a lot of windows or character, and that is very barren, dark and stark? If so, there are some changes you can make to the space to give it character, and to improve the look and function of the room. You want to figure out how frequently you'll use the space, and what type of room you want it to become. Consider the following options for your space.

Bay or Punch Out Window

Are there only a few small windows, but room for many more? If so, consider adding a large bay window or a punch out window to bring more light into the space. Not only is this going to allow a lot of natural light to help brighten the space up, but it's going to add dimension inside the house and to the exterior. There are many design options you can discuss with a local window contractor to make the change. You can also consider adding a skylight if is there is not another floor above the room.

Gas Fireplace

Adding a gas fireplace to the space provides you with a way to heat the room, is a great focal point for a seating area, and it's easy to have the fireplace installed. You can have a mason professional come in and add stone, brick or tile around the fireplace with a mantle, so you now have an additional way to decorate the space as well. This can add appeal and value to the home. Adding canned lighting above the fireplace can help you put décor on display, and showcase the fireplace.

Wood Beams

Are the ceilings high in the space? Is there a lot of open blank ceiling space? If so, consider adding wood beams to bring eyes up when someone walks into the room. The wood beams are going to add some design and character, and they look great in both modern and rustic looking homes.

If you aren't sure what you want to do with a big open room in your home that currently has no design or character, these are changes that are going to make big impressions. Talk with the right professionals to get estimates to have these changes made, and see what it's going to cost you to have all or some of the changes made to the room. Contact a business, such as the Casual Living & Patio Center, for more information.