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How To Style Your Dining Room Hutch

by Michelle West

Your dining room will see a lot of use from birthday parties to holiday parties and possibly Sunday dinners with your family. However you end up using your dining room (occasionally or often), your decor and decorative elements should be a reflection of your style. A great way to bring in a little more decor into your dining room is with the use of a hutch or a buffet. The additional shelving can hold your antique china or showcase a beautiful vignette. See below for helpful tips on how to style your hutch.

Choose A Color And Theme

Think about your style. Are you into modern, traditional, shabby chic, rustic or industrial decor? What type of decor do you have in other areas of your home? Your dining room theme should match with the rest of your home, so if you have a lot of chrome and glass elements, and sleek black furniture elsewhere in your home, chances are you like more modern things. Then think about what colors you want to showcase in your hutch. If you are more into shabby chic, you may lean towards soft pinks and rose colors. If you like rustic, you may want to look at more neutral colors with pops of greenery and white.

Layer Your Items

To make your hutch look like it was decorated by a professional designer, layer your decorative items. First, fill in the back row with larger items such as your china, old recipe books, frames or platters (larger items that can lean against the back). Then begin to fill in the row in front of those items, varying the sizes to help add depth to your hutch. You can add small spheres, vases with greenery or flowers of varying heights, candles and other small decorative items.

Don't Forget The Top

The top of your hutch can also have a few decorative elements added as well. Add a large basket, a platter, a cake tower, a rustic wooden sign with your family name or the words EAT spelled out. You can also add large letters for your family name or decorate it with candle holders of various sizes. Whatever your style, be sure to fill in the space evenly so it doesn't look heavy with decor on one side and not on the other. You can also layer the top with items as well, but don't overwhelm the space.

Add Seasonal Items

Add elements that can be changed seasonally such as a frame with a printed saying for that specific holiday or season. You can find a lot of free printable items on websites such as Pinterest and place them into any frame you like, or purchase prints already framed. You can change the vignette for each season by adding acorns or pine cones for fall and winter months. Use faux spring flowers in your vases for spring months and decorate your hutch with faux Easter eggs for the holiday. 

When decorating your hutch, remember that you are trying to fill in the shelves with your items, but don't want it to look cluttered. Keep your items along the same color family and style so it looks cohesive. Visit a furniture store, like Furniture Classics, for more inspiration.