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Your Desk, Your Life: Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Desk for Your Home Office

by Michelle West

When you're beginning to work from home, one of the first purchases that many people acquire is a desk for their home office. You have to decide what will best serve your needs not just for a few months, but for years and years to come. The desk needs to be comfortable for office use but also flexible enough to fit any new needs that might come up.


When you work from home, organization is the name of the game. You'll want your new desk to have shelves and cabinets aplenty – some above your head for things you'll need but rarely use, some at your fingertips for constantly used items, and the rest at leg and foot level for everyday storage. Cabinets and drawers with file folders tend to work best for keeping everything in its own place, but whatever system of organization works the most intuitively for you is the one you'll want.

Open Wall Space

Chances are good that you'll want to put up a calendar so you can mark off important dates, and you'll want to tack up or stick on notes somewhere so you don't forget about new project specifications or details to include in your next business flyer. For this, you'll need some open space on the wall of your desk, so make sure you buy a desk that has some. Some desks have an actual wall, while others have a square hole where you can tack things to the wall of your home. Choose whatever way is most convenient for you is good because, with a work schedule as hectic as yours, you'll want to pick a design that's easy for you to work with.

Aerobic Attachments

One of the biggest complaints that people who work at home have is that it sitting at their desk cuts into their exercise time. After all, when all your work is at home, it's tempting to cut out jogging in the morning or afternoon yoga to get just a bit more work done before the evening sets in. To solve this problem, try investing in a desk with a broader and higher foot space to allow for aerobic attachments, such as a mini treadmill (for a standing desk) or bike pedals (for a sitting desk). These attachments will allow you to work out while you work and stop yourself from neglecting your body to focus on your job.