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Keeping Your Couch Safe From Your Dog: What You Can Do

by Michelle West

You love your couch and your dog likely does too. The only problem is, furniture and dogs, particularly larger breeds, often don't mix. Your dog can tear the delicate fabrics, wear down the springs by playing on or jumping around on your couch, and can leave unsightly hair, stains, and peculiar odors behind. If you want your couch to stay looking beautiful for years to come, use these tips to protect your furniture from your dog.

Cover your couch

No matter how obedient you think your pooch may be, odds are they are leaping onto your couch as soon as they get a chance, leaping off the cushions when they hear or see you coming their way. Keep your couch covered with a slipcover designed to fit the size of your couch perfectly, giving you the thin protection this furnishing needs against your dog's claws and keeping hair at bay. If you want to show off your couch's modern or sleek design, then only cover your couch when you are not home.

Repair tears and stains immediately

Your dog's claws can easily rip through tender leather or vinyl cushions, leaving your couch with tears or rips that go clean through. A furniture reupholstering company can repair and replace cushions that have been damaged, using materials that match the rest of your couch. If stains are hard to remove, a company like Rocky Mountain Upholstery CO. can also reupholster the back and sides of your furniture for a new and updated look. You can choose many colors when repairing your furniture for a modern and contemporary feel that will almost make you grateful for the damage your pet has caused.

Train the dog

Try to make staying of the couch a positive thing for your dog. Keep a doggy bed of soft blanket nearby for your dog to lie on when the couch sounds tempting. Give your dog a treat every time they attempt to jump on the furniture but obey your commands to stop. Give your dog plenty of attention when they come into the room so they are content to lie at your feet rather than in your lap. These are all ways you can stop your pet from assaulting your furniture so you can keep it in better condition.

You love your couch and know that reupholstering it can give it grand appeal when your pet damages it. With the right care, you should be able to own your couch for many years, no matter how many pooches you have at home.