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Make It Comfortable For Your Kids To Share A Room With The Right Furniture

by Michelle West

Having your children share a room can teach them some valuable lessons about sharing while also making use of your home if it's on the smaller size. If you're just beginning to set up the bedroom so that it suits two children, you'll need to take your time to see exactly what kind of furniture is going to be the best fit for the shared room and what your plans are for your children to be comfortable.

Consider a Bunk Bed

Having two single- or twin-sized beds in a small bedroom can take up a lot of floor space and make it difficult for your children to share the room. One of the best ways to save space in the bedroom is to have a bunk bed set up so that your children can both have their own bed without it taking up as much floor space.

Taking a look at different bunk beds and determining which child is going to sleep on the top or bottom can help you make this more of a reality for the bedroom.

Have Each Kid Pick Something

By visiting a furniture store, you can have each child pick out the furniture that they like most. This can help the bedroom still feel a little like theirs instead of a shared space. Getting the input of both of your children can help you determine exactly how the bedroom should be decorated and find pieces that you want. This can mean having their own desk or a bookshelf if one of your children like reading or have a collection that they would like to display.

Make Open Space a Priority

When you're picking out furniture to have set up in the bedroom, it's so important for you to make sure that the bedroom has as much open space as possible. It can be frustrating to set up the bedroom without a lot of thought towards how much square footage is available on the ground since your children will likely want to play on the floor. Choosing furniture that takes up minimal floor space can make the bedroom feel much larger even when the children are sharing the space.

As you prepare for visiting a furniture store, it's a good idea to consider what each child wants for their bedroom. Finding a compromise and choosing furniture with both children in mind can help ensure that the results look great and that your children feel happy with their new bedroom.