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3 Essentials For Your Farmhouse Dining Room

by Michelle West

Whether used daily or for special occasions only, the dining room can be an important room of the house. You may not know how to incorporate your farmhouse design style into the dining room, but help is available. This guide will give you a few essentials to consider when designing your farmhouse dining room.

The Farmhouse Table

If there is one thing your farmhouse dining room needs, it is a farmhouse table. The shape and size of your table matter in addition to the material used to create this piece of furniture.

When choosing a shape and size, consider how many people you will want to accommodate at the table. For example, a rectangular dining table that measures approximately 78 inches long will work well for about 8 people. If your dining room is not large enough for an 8-foot-long table, consider a table that will accommodate around 6 guests, which should measure about 60 inches long.

Once you have found a size that works for your family and the dining room space, focus on the material and overall look of the table.

To align with your farmhouse style, consider tables made out of walnut, oak, or pine. Distressed finishes are also great options. You can mix and match the wood finishes with the tables and chairs as well. For example, an oak wood farmhouse table with black chairs that have a distressed finish will look great in your rustic farmhouse dining room.

Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door can be a great option for your farmhouse dining room, too.

The door should be made out of a similar material as your dining table and chairs, which will pull the different colors and finishes together.

When the dining room is not in use, close the door or allow the door to remain only as an accent feature to the dining room and other areas of the home.

You can also match the barn door to faux beams, which can be installed on your dining room ceiling.

Large Area Rug

Farmhouse style incorporates a lot of rustic wood textures, but you can soften up your furniture and décor with the right area rug under the dining table.

Consider an area rug in a neutral color to go under the table. Beige and cream colors work well with most wood tones. Burlap, jute, or an old rug purchased from a local antique dealer are all good options.

Make sure the rug is sized according to your dining room table, so it should be a few inches larger than the table on all sides to accommodate the dining room chairs.