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Do You Need A Couch That Works With Your Open Floor Plan? 3 Things To Consider When Picking Out Sectional Couches

by Michelle West

Large living rooms with open floor plans give you a lot of room to play with your furniture options. A larger area also means that you have more space for entertainment, which requires you to have enough space for all of your guests to sit and visit. Your decision to look at sectional couches for sale gives you the ultimate flexibility for finding furniture that will fill the open space beautifully while also creating distinct lines that help to section off the room. You'll also enjoy having the ability to create a cozy area where everyone can gather. Now that you are starting to look for furniture, make sure to keep these three things in mind to select a couch that you'll love for many years.

Should Your Couch be Right or Left Facing?

The majority of sectionals come in two main designs. L-shaped and chaise sectionals tend to have one side that extends further than the other, and choosing the right direction makes a big difference for how the couch fits in your living room. Start by standing as if you were right in front of the couch, and take a good look to decide where you want the longer side to go. From this direction, you can choose if you want the couch to be left or right facing. Keep in mind that some sectionals are completely versatile, which means that you will simply set up the longer side where you want it to go when the couch arrives at your home.

How Well Does the Size Fit Your Room?

You also want to make sure that the size of your couch makes sense for the dimensions of your room. Measure off the space where you plan for the couch to go. As you do, make sure to account for the width of the couch as well as the length. This helps to make sure that there is adequate room for you to place other furniture pieces near the couch such as a coffee or end table. For a large room, you may want to consider choosing a sectional that allows for as many as six to eight people to sit there comfortably.

Which Style Do You Prefer?

Once you've got your basic decisions made, it is time to have fun selecting the style of the sectional couch that you prefer. Extremely open floor plans will work well with both L-shaped and U-shaped couches. If you plan to entertain overnight guests, then you may also want to explore options for a sleeper sectional that comes with a fold-out bed. Alternatively, smaller guests may be perfectly fine sleeping on a chaise lounge style. Taking the time to pick out a style that works best for your lifestyle means that you'll love what all you can do with your new sectional furniture.