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Are You Buying Contemporary Furniture For Your New Office?

by Michelle West

Are you opening your own business in the near future? If so, does that mean that you'll be establishing an office? Maybe you are shopping on a shoestring budget. If so, keep reading for ideas that might be helpful as you establish a useful and attractive office.

Go With Used Office Furniture

Maybe you've bought used cars before. If you shopped at a reputable car dealership, you probably got a lot of car for your money. The same holds true with used furniture. Look for a store that carries quality used office furniture. A reputable store won't sell the used furniture unless it is in like-new condition. Besides finding great deals on furniture you want for your new office, you'll also find a variety of pieces from which you can make your choices.

​A Contemporary Setting

Do you already know that you want to establish a modern feeling in your office? Think about how you'll be using the office, and shop according to that.

For example, it's a given that you'll need a desk and an accompanying desk chair, isn't it? Think of choosing an L-shaped desk that has a simple, straight design that establishes it as contemporary furniture.

Choose a fully adjustable swivel chair with spider-like legs. 

Maybe you know already that you'll be having small meetings with customers and other business associates. If that's true, choose Barcelona chairs and small occasional tables to go with them. For instance, depending on how many chairs you'll need, position them in sets of two, with the occasional table between them.

Add Other Pieces

Even if you want a contemporary setting, think of adding other furniture pieces that are not modern in style. For instance, add interest to the room by selecting an Oriental-style floor-to-ceiling shelf. Will you ever have to work very late, maybe even into the night? If so, think of having a traditional-style sofa in your office where you can take cat naps.

The artwork you select will add pizzaz to your office. For instance, if you want to add to the contemporary look, buy some paintings for the walls. Framed posters of famous cities around the world would go well with a contemporary feeling, too. If you have a family, including pictures of them would add a personal touch to your office.

Maybe you like the idea of the Oriental style shelf. If so, framed watercolor originals or prints that have Oriental calligraphy as part of the design would be one excellent choice.

Contact a company that sells products like used Knoll furniture for more ideas.