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In The Market For A Sectional Couch? Here Are 4 Features To Look For

by Michelle West

Are you getting ready to buy a sectional couch for your home? Here are a few important features to keep an eye out for:

A Customizable Design

Nowadays, you aren't stuck with a set design when buying a sectional couch. Many couches feature customizable design options, allowing you to change the way the sectional pieces are put together and the way the couch looks overall. A customizable design means that you can design your couch in an L shape or a U shape. You can decide which areas have arms and which don't. You would also be able to eliminate a section and make the couch smaller when situations arise that require more space in your living or family room.

A Stain-Resistant Surface

You should look for a sectional couch that features a stain-resistant surface. Whether you have kids, pets, or you live by yourself, there is always a chance that something will get spilled on your new couch. You can't just send your couch to the dry cleaner's if you can't easily wipe a spill away. A stain-resistant surface will optimize the chance that you'll be able to get something that spills on your couch out—even pet urine and red wine.

Smooth Feet

Moving a sectional around your house can cause serious floor damage if the feet aren't nice and smooth. Ridges and square edges can scratch the surface of your floors and leave behind a mess that isn't easily rectifiable. Making sure that your new sectional couch has circular, smooth feet will minimize the risk of damage to your floors as time goes on. If your new couch doesn't come with smooth feet, consider investing in plastic or silicone feet covers that will help protect your floors.

Accessory Compatibility

There may come a time when you want to change the look of your sectional couch, whether because you change the design of the room it is in or the couch itself simply needs a makeover from years of use. Choosing a couch that is compatible with various accessories will allow you to effortlessly update the couch later in the future. Your new couch should be the same dimensions that the average sectional on the market is to ensure that you'll be able to find couch covers for it later down the line. And make sure that the couch seating is wide enough to accommodate accent pillows without sacrificing butt space.